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  • Photos
    Professional sports photographers shows water photography of surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, extremesport, outdoor, travel, event photos, as well a short movie clips.
    • Favorites
      Every photographer has some favorite images - Thorsten Indra from Germany is showing you a cross-section of his photos: Great light, awesome action.
    • Aerialcam - Photos
      Professional Drone multicopter UAV aerial photo & film services by experienced German photographer/ filmer. Legal and insured. DSLR cameras for high quality + resolution. Open for assignments.
    • Fashion
      Professional Photographer shows expressive and authentic Sport Fashion Photography in real life environments and outdoors.
    • Portraits
      Authentic and expressive portrait photos of sport people and athletes from a variety of water and outdoor sports
    • Lifestyle
      Lifestyle photography has no limits. Surfing Lifestyle, Urban Lifestyle, Sport Lifestyle & Outdoor Lifestyle photos.
    • Mountainbiking
      Some excellent Mountain Bike Action Photos, shot by Professional MTB Photographer, from magazine features, trips, tests.
    • Surfing
      Specialized professional watersports photographer shows surfing watershots from the water in Hawaii, Indonesia etc.
    • SUP Standup Paddling
      SUP Standup Paddling Photos SUP Photos in the waves and on flatwater in Hawaii, Europe, Brazil by specialized professional watersports photographer
    • Snowboarding
      Snowboarding photos of Freeriding, on kickers and in the halfpipe - a wintersport full of spectacular subjects for action and lifestyle photography.
    • Skiing & Wintersports
      Wintersports Outdoor Photographer showing Action portfolio: extreme skiing, snowboarding, powder, alpine territory, downhill, slalom
    • Outdoor Lifestyle
      Outdoor Active Lifestyle photographer have many opportunities in nature: mountains, lakes, snowboarding, mountainbiking, hiking in alpine territory...
    • Windsurfing
      For over 20 years I have professionally photographed in the windsurfing industry for catalogues, ads, magazines - around the world.
    • Windsurfing 02
      More windsurfing pics: For over 20 years I have professionally photographed for industry for catalogs, ads, magazines - around the world.
    • Kiteboarding
      Waveriding, Kiteloops & Flatwater - as a watersports photographer I capture the action from all angles and around the globe.
    • Event Photos
      Photographer for Event, Congress, Meeting, Trade Fair, Incentive, Concert: for 20+ years I have covered events for commercial clients and magazines.
    • Event Photos 02
      Event-Photographer for Congress, Meeting, Trade Fair, Incentive, Concert: for 20+ years I have covered them for clients & magazines. 2nd gallery.
    • Sports Photography
      Professional Sport photographer showing portfolio of extreme sport photography from watersports to mountainsports. Surfing, Windsurfing, MTB
    • Landscapes
      Experienced professional photographer Thorsten Indra from Germany is showing you a selection of his best images. They can be easily browsed and enlarged. They are available for licensing.
    • Seascapes
      Photos of tropical beaches, solitary bays, exotic South Sea islands - my trips as watersport photographer have taken me to many dream destinations.
    • Horse Riding
      Horse jumping, polo, military or dressage. Horse events are very dynamic and offer a variety of backdrops for gripping action photos.
    • Windsurfing Flo Jung
      Windsurfing Action Photos of Flo Jung on Maui/ Hawaii. © Thorsten Indra. Watershots, Landshots, Mastmounted camera. Available for licensing.
    • SUP Flo Jung, Maui spring 2013 (prvs)
      SUP Action Photos of Flo Jung on Maui/ Hawaii, spring 2013. © Thorsten Indra. Watershots, Underwater, Waves, Waterfalls. Available for licensing.
  • Films
    Professional sports photographer + filmer shows film clips, water photography of surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, dolphins. Timelapse Sequences.
    • Aerialcam - Film
      Professional Drone Filmer + Action Photographer/ Filmer showing drone footage, offering multi rotor filming + photo services. Based near FRA/ Germany
    • In your Face - Video Portraits
      IN YOUR FACE - 59 second Video Portraits of famous and upcoming professional windsurfers.
    • Wannabe-Choppers
      Thorsten Indra and Thomas X. Stoll co-produced, filmed and edited a short movie about the work and person of craftsman Enrico de Haas, the award-winning Motorcycle Customizer of Wannabe-Choppers.
    • Wannabe-Choppers Making-Of photos
      A small gallery of Making-Of shots from the short film by Thorsten Indra & Thomas X. Stoll, about Enrico de Haas, Motorcycle Customizer from Wannabe Choppers.
    • WaterViews01-Action
      Water footage and Helicopter Filming of Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, SUP Surfing and Dolphins in Hawaii, by professional sports photographer Thorsten Indra
    • Metallbau Patzer Image Film
      Image film to create atmosphere for website of metal construction company Metallbau Patzer GmbH & Co KG, a metal working shop. Produced, filmed and edited by professional filmer and photographer Thorsten Indra, Giessen/ Germany.
    • Barik Game
      The Barik Game filmed for Weykick by Thorsten Indra
    • TL Tree Felling
      Timelapse of a tree going down - in two stages. With funny music ;-), in HD quality
    • TL House Roof
      Timelapse of a house addition being installed and roofing material being taken down. With VERY busy workers...
    • Summer Stories
      Summer Stories was a concept for a short trailer to introduce a talks about what people experienced in their summer holidays
  • About
    About me: A wide array of photographic skills and subjects. 20+ years as a professional. Learn more about this exceptional German photographer.
  • Clients
    Here's quick overview of some of the clients I have worked for and who have used my images in their advertisement and publications.
  • Extras
    Professional Photographer shares insights and practical knowledge on Digital Asset Management (DAM), Copyright, Licensing of photos.
    • iVDS
      Improved Photo Workflow and better Collaboration with direct, near-instant Photo Access. A helpful and smart new service by Thorsten Indra.
    • Digital Asset Management & Metadata
      Digital Asset Management & photo Metadata: WHAT it is, HOW it works and WHY you should care. Benefits of it & how to do it right. With many links.
    • Colormanagement
      Get familiar with Color Management. Cameras, monitors, printers all process digital color. Learn the basics in this brief & easy introductory article.
    • Copyright Basics
      You are using photos professionally? Then you should know about copyright! Professional photographer shares as this relates to photos in easy, short article.
    • Pricing Photography
      Brief video on questions regarding fees in general. The lessons illustrated here are very applicable when discussing photography fees. Then some basics on factors that determine the price and rounded off with some additional thoughts on balancing fees - cheap will often be just that...
    • Photocredit
      Information on how to properly do the photo credit for various forms of publications (digital, vs. print).
    • Free photos
      I am sometimes asked, if I can work for free or for "exposure". A couple of short videos do a great job answering these questions, which other artists face as well. The thoughts brought forth here and the answers given are worth considering and explain why I normally cannot offer free photos.
    • Useful Software Utils
      Software Tools for Photographers - improve and automate your workflow
    • Good Links - recommended!
      Useful links about photography, digital imaging, the industry. Weather forecasts for surf and snow and a variety of helpful travel resources.
    • Consulting Services
      As a consultant, I can assist and guide you in defining your needs, establishing goals, developing a scalable DAM strategy, and implementing a workflow tailored to fit your needs.
    • Tax Info
      German tax law requirements when billing to businesses abroad. Affects both EU- and non-EU business customers! Please take note of the regulations.
  • Contact
    All my contact details, incl. phone numbers, address etc. You can also download a vcf file for import e.g. into Outlook.

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