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Event Photography, both local and international, small or big - I am at your service: Here at a concert

Event Photography calls for flexibility and adaptability - maximum performance required in a limited time. Additional Event Photos here.

Basking in the balmy waters of the Bahamas is Clarissa Hempel. Photographed while doing a travel story on windsurfing and kiteboarding in Eleuthera.

Highlights: Every photographer has some favorite images - these are some of my current "Best-Ofs".

Close-up Studio Portrait of Josh Stone, a former very high profile professional windsurfer, shot in a production for one of his sponsors.

Portrait Photography of expressive sports people in a variety of situations.

Thorsten Indra is a specialist sports photographer

Sport Photography - my specialty! I have had the privilege to take photos with some of the world's best athletes from a broad variety of sports.


Surfing in the Tube in Indonesia (G-Land Garajagan)

Capturing Surfing photography in dramatic ways requires a good understanding of the sport, the waves and the conditions needed.

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Action photography from exotic locations around the world. Shots from helicopters, watershots, mounted, remote controlled cameras - lots of different angles!

Kiteboarding photography is fast, exciting and three-dimensional. A good understanding of the sport, the waves and the right conditions help in taking kitesurfing photos in dramatic ways.

Watershot of SUP Standup Paddle boarding - surfing the waves in Maui/ Hawaii

Capturing SUP Standup paddling photography in dramatic ways takes a good understanding of the sport and the waves.

Helicopter shot of windsurfer in the waves in Hookipa/ Maui (Hawaii, USA) - Aerial photography

Windsurfing photography was the start of my action sports photography - and well equipped me for photographing many other extreme sports. More pics.

Mountains, Snow

Mountainbiking photography - here as seen from the biker's perspective, with a mounted camera

Mountainbiking Photography goes perfectly with my passion for nature and travelling. The gallery shows a wide spectrum of MTB action photos in various parts of the world.

Snowboarder Holger Feist enjoying some fresh powder in Lebanon, making a powerful turn.

Snowboarding photography an interplay of light and shadows, powder and extreme terrain - perfect condition for extraordinary images.

Skiing in a park at Saas-Fee

Skiing & Wintersports Photography - capturing the action of anything that moves down the hill on snow.

Lifestyle Photography

Photo of Bjoern Dunckerbeck at a waterfall in Maui/ Hawaii

Lifestyle Photography of sports people happens naturally when traveling together. But when needed, it can also be staged - while still looking authentic.

Outdoor Lifestyle photographer portfolio

Outdoor Lifestyle Photography - Life in the great outdoors, captured on numerous trips to different corners of the globe.

Angelo waiting for the tide to get better in the camp at G-Land/ Garajagan Indonesia

My Fashion Photography evolved from working closely with various interesting people in a variety of sports. Look for yourself!


Landscapes Gallery - photo of Hawaii's Mauna Kea and Mauna Lo as seen from Maui

Landscapes - Experiencing the light, moods and textures of our earthly home around the globe, makes me want to capture them...

Seascapes Gallery - photo of calm seas in Eleuthera/ Bahamas

Seascapes - Seeing the fascinating changes of lighting and oceans around the globe, I can't help but capture the moods.

Horse Photography: Polo, Military, Show Jumping, Dressage, Coaches, Races

Horseriding photography takes a good grasp for a variety of situations - whether in Polo, Military, Show Jumping, Races, Coaches or Dressage.

water photography windsurfing Maui Hawaii with professional windsurfer Flo Jung

Maui Windsurfing Water Action photos from all angles with Flo Jung, a talented professional windsurfer from Germany.

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