Killerkiteloop in German Kite Magazine

Killer kite loop by Beany (Thomas Burblies) in Kanaha/ Maui/ Hawaii

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Killerloop - I guess that says it all.

This form of kite loop is one of the gnarliest kite moves there is. Unhooked and gutsy you have to be.

"Beany" (aka Thomas Burblies), a Core-kites team rider, is well-known to be "the man" when it comes to doing this move as hard as can be.

And I have been fortunate enough to be capturing just about all his progressions in it, it seems.
Core kites, the leading kite brand in Germany and his sponsor, has been entrusting me with shooting a wide range of their action shots for some years now.

The German Magazine Kite ran this image in their summer 2011 issue.

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