Required photocredit when using images by Thorsten Indra

A few word on photo credit

Dear Picture User,

Firstly, please note that none of my images may be used without my express written permission (whether obtained from this website or otherwise, whether credited or not).

Photo credit is not a payment for picture use - it does not pay the bills. Nor is it a concession by the picture user.
Instead, it is a given and actually a legal entitlement to be attributed as the author of images (§ 13 UrhG).

How to properly credit my images

Whenever you are publishing/ using any of my images, you must make sure that the photo credit is placed adjacent to or on the photo and that it always reads as follows:

  • In any print publication:
    • Photo: ©

In case our license agreement entitles you to pass on the images to third parties (e.g. ad agencies, magazines), please be sure to notify them of this requirement as well. Thank you.

Please read further details on picture usage here.

Learn more about copyright as it relates to photography.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

Customer Comments

"The atmosphere comes across well and also the indivdual artists - Thank you very much!"

Magda (ERF Media)
Concert, Gala

"I now got to compare the quality of the photography from all my suppliers. I have to say that JP comes out tops.  The quality and composition of the pics you have provided is so obviously better than any of my other suppliers - congratulations to you all and your photographer. Overall - brilliant and I had not realised it until I suddenly compared it to all the other stuff I get sent."

Gordon (UK Distributor)
About images for JP

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