The issue is not Freedom of Speech. The issue is the freedom after the speech.
Grigori Alexejewitsch Jawlinski
Got slippahs?
If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you have hired an amateur...
Source unknown
Acronym No. 112: "LOPINME" (your Lack Of Preparation Is Not My Emergency)
Lens Rentals Blog
Anything goes, as long as it supposedly involves protecting us from terrorists
Four things come not back - the sped arrow, the spoken word, time past, and the neglected opportunity.
Old Arabian proverb
People’s capacity to independently analyse World events, as well as address causal relationships pertaining to politics and society, is significantly impaired. That is the objective!
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky -
One should keep things as simple as possible. But don't over-simplify either.
Albert Einstein
It is one thing to propose, another to perform.
Just as a scalpel alone doesn't make a surgeon, a camera does not make a photographer...
Faster, Better, Cheaper: pick two
Wag more. Bark less.
(seen on a T-Shirt)
Today Is a Gift. That's why It Is Called the Present!
One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.
He who walks with integrity walks securely.
The Bible
It's the unsolved problems that keep the spirit alive and not the solved ones.
Erwin Guido Kolbenheyer
Any story sounds true until someone sets the record straight.
Solomon (Prov 18:17)
Intelligent people are always open to new ideas. In fact, they look for them.
Solomon (Prov 18:15)
If can, can - If no can, no can...
Hawaiian truism
Photographers keep getting better with age.
Michael Martin (photographer)
You never go wrong by doing the right thing.
The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God".
The Bible
The textile market also offers bulk goods at cutthroat prices, premium quality branded goods and haute couture. All have co-existed on the market for decades.
Eric Bach (Superbild)