Wannabe-Choppers: Motorcycle Customizing in Germany by Enrico de Haas

This short film by Thorsten Indra and Thomas X. Stoll is about the work and the passion of the craftsman Enrico de Haas.

As an award-winning, well published and internationally recognized Motorcycle Customizer and 2012 Rookie of the year, Enrico grants the viewer some good glimpses into his special approach of building bikes and talks about his philosophy in craftsmanship.

4:00. German, with English Subtitles.


This being our first movie-cooperation, we'd love to hear your feedback!

At http://vimeo.com/thorstenindra/wannabechoppers you can also comment on it, add it to playlists and what not.

On a separate page I have put together some making-of images.

NEW: The film is now available with Japanese Subtitles as well:

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