Image Film Metallbau Patzer - Goal: create atmosphere, transport emotions on website

This image film for Metallbau Patzer was produced for the relaunch of the company's website and is the main feature placed directly on their homepage, to captivate the visitor with a fitting first impression and set the tone.

While the contents of the website delivers facts about the company and their services, it was the task of the short film to transport emotions.

The primary goal was to create atmosphere and give the viewer/ visitor an inroad to the raw material metal and its solidity and strength. In conjunction to this projects were to be shown, which highlight breadth and individuality, because the company around Ralf Patzer enjoys planning and producing high-class and special objects.

With a film style employing limited focus and simple compositions, the eye of the viewer is focused on the high quality of the concentrated handy work in production as well as that of the final product.

Motion was realized by employing sliders and dollies, to give the scenes a forward momentum, without appearing hectic.

The choice of music may at first glance appear unusual, but it provides a forward drive and at the same time a human touch in contrast to the stark metal.

Filming was done on 2 1/2 days (shop and finished projects).

The target group for the film are both architects/ builders and direct end-customers.

Thorsten Indra was in charge of production, camera, editing, color-grading, sound. Additional camera by Thomas X. Stoll, a colleague in my network.

Here you can view the film embedded in the Metallbau Patzer website.

Feel free to drop me a note, if you have questions or have a production planned. Also, on Vimeo you can comment on the film.

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