Aerial images and film, Drone photography & filming, UAV-based inspection - through using various multicopters in my arsenal, photography and filming has now become airborne and allows for new and exciting perspectives never before possible. If you are looking for a drone photographer in Germany get in touch. I am based near Frankfurt, but am also used to working worldwide.

As an action and sports photographer with 25 years professional experience in the field, I have spend a good 200 hours shooting primarily watersports from helicopters myself and when operated by a savvy pilot they allow for great imagery and efficient working.

Remote controlled multi rotors, though, now add an entirely new dimension and allow to get even lower and closer to the subjects and move along without much interference. A high-quality live video link allows for controlled framing and shooting. The use of DSLR cameras delivers optically superior images.

Operating legally and safely has been my aim from the start. And standardized flight-procedures, checklists, combined with continuing training and ongoing review and evaluation of approaches help me to accomplish just that in a responsible way.
I take care of all required pre-flight research, planning and authorization needs and carry a 2 Mio EUR professional liability insurance policy especially for drones, as well as an additional insurance for aircraft and camera payload.

RPAS multicopter drones can be used in a broad variety of ways. I am open for new challenges and to work with you - to meet your needs and to help realize your vision.

Let me hear about your next exciting project or collaboration idea: contact Thorsten Indra and let's discuss how to best bring it to reality!

Showreels with drone filming aerial footage can be found at

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