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Alternatively, or should there be a problem, you can browse my images at Alamy.


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The above links to some of my photos which you can license and download directly from here. Should there be problems, you can alternatively go to the online shop at their site:

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Customer Comments

"In light of the really bad conditions and the short time we had available the photos turned out sensational!"

Martin (JP)
Catalog Photoshoot

"… I think everyone involved has really put forth their best and worked highly professional!"

Andreas (Bike Sport)
Travel Story

What's New?

Landscape Gallery now online

The landscape gallery has long been planned and I kept putting some images aside here and there as...

Image film for metal construction company

Image Film Production for Metal construction company Metallbau Patzer, by Thorsten Indra/ Giessen - Screenshot

Image Film for Metal Construction Company I am always up for new challenges, so when the...

Food for Thought

The textile market also offers bulk goods at cutthroat prices, premium quality branded goods and haute couture. All have co-existed on the market for decades.
Eric Bach (Superbild)

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