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Event Photography, both local and international, small or big - I am at your service: Here at a concert

Event Photography calls for flexibility and adaptability - maximum performance required in a limited time. Additional Event Photos here.

Basking in the balmy waters of the Bahamas is Clarissa Hempel. Photographed while doing a travel story on windsurfing and kiteboarding in Eleuthera.

Highlights: Every photographer has some favorite images - these are some of my current "Best-Ofs".

Close-up Studio Portrait of Josh Stone, a former very high profile professional windsurfer, shot in a production for one of his sponsors.

Portrait Photography of expressive sports people in a variety of situations.

Thorsten Indra is a specialist sports photographer

Sport Photography - my specialty! I have had the privilege to take photos with some of the world's best athletes from a broad variety of sports.

Lifestyle Photography

Photo of Bjoern Dunckerbeck at a waterfall in Maui/ Hawaii

Lifestyle Photography of sports people happens naturally when traveling together. But when needed, it can also be staged - while still looking authentic.

Outdoor Lifestyle photographer portfolio

Outdoor Lifestyle Photography - Life in the great outdoors, captured on numerous trips to different corners of the globe.

Angelo waiting for the tide to get better in the camp at G-Land/ Garajagan Indonesia

My Fashion Photography evolved from working closely with various interesting people in a variety of sports. Look for yourself!

Mountains, Snow

Mountainbiking photography - here as seen from the biker's perspective, with a mounted camera

Mountainbiking Photography goes perfectly with my passion for nature and travelling. The gallery shows a wide spectrum of MTB action photos in various parts of the world.

Snowboarder Holger Feist enjoying some fresh powder in Lebanon, making a powerful turn.

Snowboarding photography an interplay of light and shadows, powder and extreme terrain - perfect condition for extraordinary images.

Skiing in a park at Saas-Fee

Skiing & Wintersports Photography - capturing the action of anything that moves down the hill on snow.


Surfing in the Tube in Indonesia (G-Land Garajagan)

Capturing Surfing photography in dramatic ways requires a good understanding of the sport, the waves and the conditions needed.

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Action photography from exotic locations around the world. Shots from helicopters, watershots, mounted, remote controlled cameras - lots of different angles!

Kiteboarding photography is fast, exciting and three-dimensional. A good understanding of the sport, the waves and the right conditions help in taking kitesurfing photos in dramatic ways.

Watershot of SUP Standup Paddle boarding - surfing the waves in Maui/ Hawaii

Capturing SUP Standup paddling photography in dramatic ways takes a good understanding of the sport and the waves.

Helicopter shot of windsurfer in the waves in Hookipa/ Maui (Hawaii, USA) - Aerial photography

Windsurfing photography was the start of my action sports photography - and well equipped me for photographing many other extreme sports. More pics.


Landscapes Gallery - photo of Hawaii's Mauna Kea and Mauna Lo as seen from Maui

Landscapes - Experiencing the light, moods and textures of our earthly home around the globe, makes me want to capture them...

Seascapes Gallery - photo of calm seas in Eleuthera/ Bahamas

Seascapes - Seeing the fascinating changes of lighting and oceans around the globe, I can't help but capture the moods.

Horse Photography: Polo, Military, Show Jumping, Dressage, Coaches, Races

Horseriding photography takes a good grasp for a variety of situations - whether in Polo, Military, Show Jumping, Races, Coaches or Dressage.

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